📞Titanic Speed vs. Crystal Clear Voice: A Lesson for Last Mile SD-WAN Quality of Service❄️

📞Titanic Speed vs. Crystal Clear Voice: A Lesson for Last Mile SD-WAN Quality of Service❄️

Understand how Fusion's Last Mile SD-WAN delivers top voice quality by optimizing last mile link performance


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The Titanic's tragic tale is etched into history, partly due to its excessive speed through icy waters. But what does this have to do with modern technology like SD-WAN, you might wonder? As it turns out, the pursuit of speed without considering quality bears a stark resemblance to one common pitfall in SD-WAN deployments - Quality of Service (QoS). In this article, we'll delve into how Fusion Broadband South Africa's innovative approach prioritizes crystal clear voice and redefines QoS in the digital age, highlighting the critical issue of service providers using unachievable speed parameters.

Excessive Speed: A Titanic Lesson in Misplaced Priorities

The Titanic's excessive speed through iceberg-laden waters cost lives, demonstrating that speed isn't everything. Likewise, in the digital world, prioritizing raw speed over voice quality can lead to communication breakdowns and a sinking user experience.

Fusion's Solution: Crystal Clear Voice in Real-World Conditions

Fusion understands that crystal clear voice communication hinges on the actual performance of last mile links, not just the ISP's stated figures. By utilizing precise measurements of potential speed and real-world conditions, Fusion's solution ensures that voice quality remains impeccable even when network conditions are less than ideal. This is achieved using Fusion's unique bandwidth adaption functionality which are algorithms used on the links that precisely measure the potential speeds.

The Bi-Directional Advantage: Hub-and-Spoke Design for Enhanced QoS

In the world of SD-WAN, a hub-and-spoke architecture, like the one employed by Fusion, unlocks the potential for bi-directional QoS. This means that not only is your outbound communication crystal clear, but inbound communication enjoys the same level of quality. It's a game-changer for businesses relying on flawless voice communication.

Packet-Based Flow Enablement

The Key to Optimal Resource Usage: Unlike session-based solutions, Fusion's approach focuses on packet-based flow enablement. This not only optimizes resource usage but also enhances network stability, ensuring that voice calls remain uninterrupted even during peak traffic.

The WAN optimization abilities negate the requirements for inefficient packet duplication strategies:


The Titanic reminds us that speed alone can lead to disaster when quality is sacrificed. In the realm of SD-WAN, where voice communication is paramount, Fusion's solution stands as a testament to the importance of crystal clear voice. By prioritizing actual last mile link performance, employing a bi-directional hub-and-spoke design, and embracing packet-based flow enablement, Fusion redefines Quality of Service for the digital age.

Don't let your communication quality sink like the Titanic. Choose Fusion Broadband South Africa and experience the clarity of voice that your business deserves. 🚀📞

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