📢Bob's Journey to Crystal Clear Voice: A South African SD-WAN Story 🇿🇦

📢Bob's Journey to Crystal Clear Voice: A South African SD-WAN Story 🇿🇦

🚀 Embrace tech evolution like Bob! Transitioning to high-speed fibre seemed a dream come true until VoIP call quality plummeted📶✨


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Meet Bob, the tech wizard at a mining investment company in the bustling heart of Johannesburg. With their new office ready to roll, Bob was eager to embrace the digital era. He ditched their sluggish 20 Mb/s ADSL connection for a blazing 50 Mb/s fibre one. But for Bob, it wasn't just about speed; he wanted to introduce a cutting-edge cloud-based VoIP service.

Initially, the fibre's lightning-fast speed made Bob feel like a tech superhero. However, paradise didn't last long. Within weeks, complaints about VoIP call quality started pouring in. The service provider tinkered with settings, but the problem persisted. Turns out, Bob's colleagues were binge-watching YouTube videos, downloading, and streaming endlessly, hogging the bandwidth.

The African Fibre-seeking Backhoe is a cousin of the North American one!

Things took a dive when a rogue backhoe, courtesy of Joburg Water, took out their fibre link. Panic ensued. Thinking fast, Bob grabbed an LTE router from a nearby store and set it up, providing a temporary fix. The CEO gave Bob a nod of approval for his quick fix, but Bob knew it wasn't a permanent solution.

One day, fate stepped in. A chance lunch meeting with an old friend turned Bob's tech world around. The friend introduced him to Fusion Broadband South Africa's SD-WAN, a game-changer in networking. SD-WAN promised clear voice calls, no matter the internet traffic. Unlike regular routers, SD-WAN used smart tech to ensure seamless performance. It was like upgrading from a single-lane road to a multi-lane highway!

With SD-WAN in place, Bob's team enjoyed crystal-clear calls, even when the bandwidth was under stress. Plus, Bob connected the LTE router as a backup, avoiding data chaos during fibre outages. Cloud-based tools ran smoothly, making Bob's dream of a hassle-free office a reality.

Bob reclaimed his tech throne, confidently waving at the CEO as he strolled by. Thumbs up! SD-WAN had saved the day, putting Bob back in control of the office's digital destiny.

Fusion's offering leverages one of the industry few providers of hub and spoke architectures for SD-WAN. This uniquely solves the Quality of Service quagmire facing broadband users as the solution is automated and bidirectional.

If you're interested in experiencing the magic of premium SD-WAN solutions in South Africa, reach out to Fusion Broadband South Africa . Be like Bob—navigate the digital highway with confidence.

Ronald Bartels ensures that Internet inhabiting things are connected reliably online at Fusion Broadband South Africa - the leading specialized SD-WAN provider in South Africa.

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