📞Revolutionizing Call Centers and VoIP Services in South Africa: The Case for SD-WAN 🇿🇦

📞Revolutionizing Call Centers and VoIP Services in South Africa: The Case for SD-WAN 🇿🇦

📞Are dropped calls and stuttering voice quality plaguing your call center or VoIP services?


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In today's fast-paced world, where communication is key, call centers and businesses relying on VoIP services cannot afford to compromise on connectivity and quality. Yet, shockingly, many are still clinging to outdated networking solutions that hinder rather than enhance their operations. It's time to debunk the myths and embrace a game-changing solution: SD-WAN.

The Myth of Poor Voice Quality over the Internet

One of the biggest misconceptions in the industry is the belief that voice quality over the Internet is inherently poor. This myth has led many Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and Value-Added Resellers (VARs) to rely on legacy routers and layer 2 Ethernet VLANs for delivering voice services. However, this outdated approach not only results in disproportionate costs for customers but also fails to deliver the reliability and quality needed for mission-critical voice communications.

SD-WAN: The Game-Changer

Enter SD-WAN – a revolutionary networking solution that leverages the Internet to deliver unparalleled voice quality and reliability. Unlike legacy methods, SD-WAN is packet-based and configured in a hub-and-spoke architecture, utilizing the Internet as the backbone for voice communication. This approach not only ensures better quality but also mitigates congestion, something that legacy VLANs and protocols cannot achieve.

The Fusion Broadband South Africa Example

Take Fusion Broadband South Africa 's SD-WAN solution, for example. Designed to prioritize voice traffic and adapt bandwidth dynamically, it ensures seamless communication without the risk of dropped calls or poor quality. The magic sauce lies in its automated bi-directional Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities, which optimize voice traffic in real-time, regardless of network conditions.

The Importance of Dogfooding

It's baffling to see MSPs, ISPs, and VARs shying away from their own SD-WAN products, opting instead for outdated solutions that compromise voice quality. This lack of faith in their own products not only undermines their credibility but also leaves customers wondering why they're even selling SD-WAN in the first place. As Dave Cutler of Microsoft once said, "You can only improve on your product if you don't eat your own dogfood." It's time for these companies to practice what they preach and embrace SD-WAN for their own VoIP solutions.

Imagine this!

I stumbled upon a big shot South African MSP, right? Now get this, they don't even use their own SD-WAN product for their own VOIP services! 😱 Picture this: the dudes behind Velo in ZA rockin' ancient 10-year-old Junipers at client sites on solo links. And hold onto your hats, the country's top Cisco VAR owns a call center biz, but their calls? They're like a stuttering Volla with water in the gas tank! SARS' call center? Drops calls left, right, and center! It's like a mission to get through one query; you need a dozen calls over days! 😩 And then, the Fortinet distributor? They're out here in webinars bragging about calls dropping and reestablishing (redialing) during link failures. Say what?! Calls shouldn't fail, boet! Eish!

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Wrapping up: Embrace the Future of Voice Communication

Whether you're a bank, a medical scheme, a security company with a control room, or a busy outbound call center, SD-WAN is a game-changer you can't afford to ignore. Say goodbye to dropped calls, stuttering voice quality, and unreliable connectivity. Embrace SD-WAN and revolutionize your voice communication today.

Don't settle for outdated networking solutions. Demand SD-WAN from your suppliers and ensure they practice what they preach. The future of voice communication is here, and it's time to embrace it.

Ronald ensures that Internet inhabiting things are connected reliably online at Fusion Broadband South Africa - the leading specialized SD-WAN provider in South Africa.

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