🥣🌶️Unlocking the Magic Sauce: Fusion's Last Mile SD-WAN Redefines Connectivity Management ⚗️

🥣🌶️Unlocking the Magic Sauce: Fusion's Last Mile SD-WAN Redefines Connectivity Management ⚗️

Experience Uninterrupted Network Performance with Fusion's Last Mile SD-WAN


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In the realm of connectivity solutions, Fusion Broadband South Africa's SD-WAN stands out as a beacon of innovation and reliability. What sets Fusion apart from the crowd? It's the secret ingredient – the magic sauce – that powers Fusion's SD-WAN and elevates it to unparalleled levels of performance and resilience.

The first part of this magic sauce is Fusion's unique approach to distinguishing between the uplink and downlink. Unlike conventional solutions that treat the uplink and downlink as a single path, Fusion's SD-WAN recognizes them as separate logical entities. This distinction is fundamental, enabling Fusion to achieve exceptional performance, especially during partial degradation scenarios like brownouts. It is in essence immediately twice as effective as competing solutions.

When Fusion's SD-WAN detects a high packet loss on a fibre uplink, it promptly responds by mitigating the issue. It automatically withdraws the affected uplink and seamlessly switches to an alternative wireless or fibre uplink, all while maintaining the usage of the fibre downlink. This intelligent decision-making ensures uninterrupted connectivity and enables business operations to continue smoothly, even in the presence of partial degradation known as brownouts.

In contrast, many other solutions in the market fail to distinguish between uplink and downlink, relying solely on full outages (blackouts) to trigger their operations. This limitation prevents them from effectively addressing partial degradation scenarios. Fusion's SD-WAN, on the other hand, goes beyond these limitations by utilizing both latency and actual packet loss as criteria to determine when to implement mitigation measures on the links.

Asterix's Magic Potion

Fusion's SD-WAN solution employs a threshold of 150ms latency or packet loss exceeding 2% to identify brownouts, triggering the necessary actions to stabilize the connection. Moreover, it boasts impressive detection capabilities, promptly identifying blackouts within a remarkable timeframe of 150ms to 300ms.

This exceptional ability, exclusive to Fusion's SD-WAN, plays a crucial role in stabilizing last mile connections. It empowers businesses to continue their operations seamlessly, even while underlying issues are being addressed and resolved. The unique "magic sauce" of Fusion's SD-WAN enables reliable and resilient connectivity, ensuring uninterrupted productivity and minimizing the impact of network disruptions on business activities.

Drawing inspiration from the beloved comics of Asterix, Fusion's SD-WAN can be likened to the magical potions that Asterix and his companions consume to gain extraordinary powers. Just as the Magic Potion grants immense strength and resilience, Fusion's SD-WAN brings unparalleled capabilities to the world of connectivity. It acts as a potent elixir that fortifies last mile connections, offering businesses the ability to adapt and thrive even in challenging circumstances. With Fusion's SD-WAN, enterprises can embrace the spirit of Asterix, conquering the connectivity landscape with confidence and agility, just like the indomitable Gaulish heroes themselves.

Hub and spoke

Fusion's SD-WAN stands out with its remarkable features and architecture. Utilizing a hub and spoke architecture, Fusion employs packet-based load shedding, which sets it apart from alternative SD-WAN products that rely on mesh architectures and session-based load balancing. This distinction gives Fusion SD-WAN a significant advantage in terms of automatic failover capabilities and aggregation. By leveraging this architecture, Fusion's SD-WAN can utilize the full bandwidth of multiple connections to a site, ensuring uninterrupted sessions even during link outage conditions.

To determine the optimal paths, Fusion's SD-WAN intelligently considers both latency and packet loss attributes. This comprehensive approach allows for efficient traffic routing and seamless adaptation to link congestion situations. The solution dynamically adjusts bandwidth usage to maintain optimal performance, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted user experience.

The ability provided by the hub and spoke architecture is an enabler to use algorithms on both ends of the connection and provide a feature known as bandwidth adaption. This is extremely useful in congestion situation on backhauls where there might be a fibre path failure. Often in backhauls there are multiple paths but a loss of a path often results in a reduction of capacity which causes connectivity problems often in the form of packet loss. When that happens bandwidth adaption kicks in which automatically clamps the bandwidth throughput to the adjusted detected maximum possible connection speed. The benefit of this is that Quality of Service is maintained and can be appropriately applied in a bi-directional manner. When the path recovers the previously applied settings and initial Quality of Service settings are restored!

The Hub and Spoke architecture also provides an extra bit of magic worthy of invention by the renowned Getafix. In essence, when there is a total drop in the last mile, thus even with a singular connection, an application such as a voice call will automatically reconnect when the connectivity is restored. The nature of re-connection varies per application but with voice calls it is up to a minute. Wjo would not want this type of Getafix magic?


In addition to its exceptional functionality, Fusion's SD-WAN offers a network performance dashboard that provides valuable insights into link operations and performance. This comprehensive visualization tool allows businesses to monitor and analyze network performance in real-time, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimize their connectivity resources effectively.

With its powerful architecture, robust failover capabilities, adaptive bandwidth management, and insightful performance visualization, Fusion's SD-WAN presents a comprehensive solution for delivering reliable and high-performing connectivity in today's demanding business landscape.

The WAN optimization capabilities in Fusion SD-WAN negate the requirements for such alternatives such as packet duplication:

Wrapping up, Fusion's SD-WAN redefines connectivity management with its magic sauce – a combination of intelligent brownout detection, robust failover capabilities, adaptive bandwidth management, and insightful performance visualization. It's not just a connectivity solution; it's a strategic asset that enables businesses to thrive in today's demanding digital landscape.

Unlock the magic of Fusion's SD-WAN and experience connectivity like never before. Discover the power of resilience and reliability that fuels business success in the modern era.

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