💄There isn't even Lipstick on Business Internet: The Illusion of True Network Transparency💅

💄There isn't even Lipstick on Business Internet: The Illusion of True Network Transparency💅

💼🔒 Learn the real impact of ISP obfuscation on business network security and visibility.


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In South Africa's business sector, a common practice among ISPs involves locking devices under the guise of "security," yet this measure appears to lack genuine protective capabilities. Unlike the consumer market, where such practices are non-existent, businesses often encounter locked devices purportedly for security reasons. In this case, there isn't even lipstick on the pig. Its just the pig being viewed with Vaseline smeared spectacles..

The reality is quite different. These locked devices remain vulnerable to software exploits, and contrary to the proclaimed security purpose, ISPs often neglect patching vulnerabilities. Moreover, these ISPs lack centralized logging, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), or any method to detect potential breaches or compromised devices. The absence of configurations saved in repositories and the absence of accessible metrics or analytics for customers raise significant concerns.

This approach isn't about security; it's about preventing customers from scrutinizing ISP services, shrouded in a veil of opacity and non-transparency. It is more about the customer being locked it.

Customers deserve access to a portal offering comprehensive security features, detailed configurations, network performance metrics, and advanced traffic analytics, as this constitutes genuine security. It is actually why they are paying a premium. Yet, users of business services remain blind to troubleshooting issues, lacking the ability to address LAN problems, Wi-Fi signal issues, or even duplicate IPs. Ironically, these challenges leave businesses in a more disadvantaged position than ordinary home consumers and logically they should be paying less, not more.

An exemplar of a solution delivering business-grade Internet services with genuine transparency is Fusion Broadband South Africa's SD-WAN. It excels in providing security, configurations, metrics, and analytics, offering both service providers and customers full transparency and visibility. Embracing such solutions could pave the way for a much-needed shift toward genuine network security and transparency in the business ISP landscape.

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