📎Stretching Layer 2 between the Data Centre & the Edge📌

📎Stretching Layer 2 between the Data Centre & the Edge📌

Achieve Efficient Data Links via Layer 2 between SD-WAN Aggregator and Edge


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Over at ipSpaceIvan Pepelnjak is having heart palpitations, but in our corner of the Savannah, the local tribes love stretching Layer 2. Its approached with a religious fervour and you are excommunicated from the tribe should you dare suggest its as sneaky as a Rinkhals cornering his prey.

Anyhow, you work with what you have, so your local Meerkat watch guard has come to the rescue with layer 2 connectivity between a SD-WAN aggregator and an Edge.

All that is required is to configure private addresses on a secondary interface of the agg and on a leg of the edge and Bob's your aunty.

As ingenious as Stoffel the honey badger, I tell you!

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