📎Revolutionizing Business Connectivity in South Africa while making financial sense 💎

📎Revolutionizing Business Connectivity in South Africa while making financial sense 💎

📈 Improve productivity, 🌐 strengthen connectivity, and 💼 ensure business continuity with Fusion SD-WAN—your smart investment for uninterrupted success! 🚀💰


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In an era of heightened connectivity, businesses cannot afford to rely on single, unreliable internet connections. The risks posed by network failures, equipment malfunctions, power outages, and denial-of-service attacks necessitate a more robust solution. Enter Fusion SD-WAN, a game-changer in the world of business connectivity.

The Cost of Downtime

Business operations today are heavily dependent on the internet. When employees can't access vital online applications and cloud-hosted systems, productivity takes a nosedive, resulting in a financial impact that extends beyond lost operational hours. Consider this: an hour of downtime for a business with a monthly payroll of R500,000 equates to R3,125 in wasted wages. In addition to lost productivity, the inability to process sales orders or bill for services translates into direct revenue loss. For instance, a professional services firm billing by the hour could lose up to R12,000 in revenue for every hour of downtime. Similarly, an e-commerce company might hemorrhage thousands in revenue as customers opt to purchase from competitors who remain online.

Depending on the nature and size of the business, preventing even a single hour of downtime or saving one sales order can offset the cost of implementing Fusion's SD-WAN solution. Our experience with existing clients demonstrates that the monthly savings from reduced downtime often surpass initial estimates, resulting in a substantial return on investment. In a North Johannesburg office park, some clients experienced a staggering 13 hours and 42 minutes of downtime out of 246 outages in a single month. Fusion's SD-WAN was used to measure performance across various connection types, providing insights into online activity and bandwidth usage. Many businesses lack visibility into the quality of their ISP connections, leading to surprise at the results.

Despite the clear benefits that outweigh the solution's cost, some businesses delay implementation. However, relying on a single connection is a recipe for downtime at some point. As businesses continue to migrate online, an SD-WAN solution that harnesses multiple connection types to keep operations running smoothly, with enhanced cloud access, clear voice communication, and robust security against online threats, is no longer an option—it's a necessity.

The Fusion Impact Matrix

The Fusion Financial and Operational Impact matrix highlights the relationship between operational and financial consequences of downtime:

  • High Operational and Financial Impact: This scenario justifies the implementation of Fusion's full-service SD-WAN solution, offering a comprehensive suite of features and benefits.

  • High Financial Impact, Low Operational Impact: In this case, the business benefits from Fusion's limited SD-WAN failover solution.

  • Low Financial Impact: For businesses with low financial impact, a manual, people-dependent solution or a few hours of downtime may be acceptable.

A Crucial Question

When faced with an internet connection failure, every business decision-maker must answer this question: "Can the business afford to be offline when competitors are online?" Moreover, it's essential to quantify the cost of downtime.

Fusion SD-WAN is uniquely positioned to address the complexities of the South African connectivity landscape, which encompasses both reliable and unreliable networks. Fusion's software and algorithms optimize ISP connectivity, providing consistent performance even with fluctuating connections. This SD-WAN solution is user-friendly, easy to configure, install, and support, requiring no onsite technical expertise.

Previously, only large organizations could afford SD-WAN to ensure uninterrupted connectivity. However, Fusion has democratized enterprise-grade connectivity, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes. This automated, plug-and-play solution eliminates the need for onsite technical support, ensuring that ISPs deliver the promised quality of service.

Wrapping up, Fusion SD-WAN offers a compelling financial case for businesses to ensure uninterrupted online presence. With Fusion, any organization can stay connected, boost productivity, and remain competitive.

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