🖥️Optimizing Data Centre Rack Deployments: 20 Must-Have Recommendations! 💼

🖥️Optimizing Data Centre Rack Deployments: 20 Must-Have Recommendations! 💼

Expert Advice on Data Centre Rack Deployment for Optimal Performance #datacenter #internetofthings


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The world of data centres has evolved significantly, but amidst all the tech wizardry, some fundamental aspects of rack installation still get overlooked. To ensure your data centre racks are at their prime efficiency, we've compiled a list of 20 essential recommendations for deployment. Let's dive in:

  1. Mesh Doors Rule: Swap out glass doors for mesh ones to enhance cooling and prevent snapped fiber cables. Add IoT wireless door sensors for added security.

  2. Size Matters: Opt for 43u racks measuring 800x1200mm for cable management ease and PDU installation. Color-code A PDUs (red) and B PDUs (purple).

  3. White is Right: Powder-coat racks in white to improve lighting within the cabinet.

  4. Seal the Gaps: Use blanking plates to cover unused space, and consider IoT temperature sensors or temperature strips.

  5. Brush It Off: Employ brush panels for cable inlets and outlets to maintain a clean and organized setup.

  6. Leak-Proof: Ensure the rack's top panel is corrugated, leading to a drip outlet for leaks. IoT-based water ropes can detect leaks under the floor.

  7. Meet Me Rooms: For telecom installations, designate separate Meet Me rooms with channel racks, no side partitions or doors.

  8. Grounded and Strapped: Earth racks to an earthing bar and individually strap telecom equipment with braided earthing straps. Connect racks via an earthing cable to a mesh common bonding network (MCBN).

  9. Overhead Power: Feed power and networking cables from overhead busways, all colored yellow.

  10. Fiber First: Embrace fiber cables over copper for rack-to-rack connections, necessitating Top of Rack switches.

  11. Stud It Up: Opt for rack studs instead of cage nuts for easier installation.

  12. SergeantClips FTW: Manage your cabling effectively with SergeantClips. Say goodbye to cable spaghetti!

  13. Velcro for the Win: Use Velcro for cable management instead of cable ties for a cleaner look.

  14. Hot and Cold Aisles: Mount racks with cooling inlets in the front and exhaust in the back, following a hot and cold aisle setup. Consider cold aisle containment for high-power racks.

  15. IoT Temperature Sensors: Install wireless temperature sensors on rack doors in the cold aisle and one per hot aisle.

  16. Label Everything: Label racks, wiring, and cables without exception for easy identification.

  17. Wiring Diagrams Handy: Keep laminated wiring diagrams in mounted sleeves at each row in the data centre.

  18. Occupancy Sensors: Enhance security with IoT-based wireless occupancy sensors alongside video surveillance for incident detection and rack access monitoring.

  19. Strict Protocols: Enforce Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to prevent contaminants from entering the data centre. Prioritize cleanliness and stability.

  20. Weight Distribution: Always mount the heaviest equipment at the bottom of the rack to improve stability.

For a best-practice rack deployment in data centres, adherence to these recommendations is key. Have your own suggestions to add to the list? Feel free to share your insights in the comments below! 👇🗂️

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