🔑How to Avoid Costly Downtime by Unlocking Network Safety with Last Mile SD-WAN ⬇️

🔑How to Avoid Costly Downtime by Unlocking Network Safety with Last Mile SD-WAN ⬇️

The Impact of Downtime on Network Performance Explained


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In a world where connectivity is the lifeblood of businesses, the question we must ask is, "How many networks have any safety?" Downtime, the bane of network reliability, takes center stage in this critical discussion. A fascinating white paper by Juniper Networks titled 'What’s Behind Network Downtime? Proactive Steps to Reduce Human Error and Improve Availability of Networks' dives into the heart of this matter, revealing that downtime is not just a technical hiccup but a ticking time bomb that can detonate your business's revenue.

According to an Infonetics Research study, large businesses across the globe suffer an average annual revenue loss of 3.6 percent due to network downtime. In South Africa that figure can be as high as 20%. If you think those are jaw-dropping figures, consider that a leading market analyst's research echoes the same sentiment as featured in Network World article. It's clear that downtime isn't just an inconvenience; it's a revenue-draining monster that must be tamed.

But, let's not forget the impact on medium-sized businesses. A study by Infonetics Research in 2006 found that medium businesses, with 101 to 1,000 employees, lose an average of 1% of their annual revenue, which translates to $867,000, due to downtime. The report also highlights that companies face nearly 140 hours of downtime annually, with 56% of it attributed to pure outages. It's a harsh reality that no business can afford to ignore.

Now, picture this: Your network crashes, and chaos ensues. Network engineers scramble like headless chickens, while managers breathe down their necks, demanding immediate answers. Unlike a building fire where you have a clear evacuation plan, a network meltdown leaves you in uncharted territory.

The lesson here is clear: crash responsibly. As Coding Horror wisely states, "Errors are inevitable, but ignorance shouldn't be." This wisdom applies not just to software but to the entire network ecosystem. A robust error handling framework should permeate every facet of your network, from software to hardware.

At Fusion Broadband South Africa, we understand that network safety is paramount. That's why Fusion's SD-WAN doesn't just offer connectivity; it offers peace of mind. Our solution is designed to not only handle failures but to prevent them in the first place. It's not just about the "Tin" (the hardware) but also the "Tools" (the software) and the "Teaching" (the knowledge and expertise).

In the world of network safety, Fusion's SD-WAN stands tall as your shield against downtime disasters. Our commitment to error handling and network resilience is unwavering, ensuring that your business operates smoothly, even in the face of unexpected challenges.

Don't let your network be a ticking time bomb. Embrace Fusion's SD-WAN and fortify your network's safety today with the three Ts: Tin, Tools, and Teaching.

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