🌉Embracing Change: The Demise of Layer 2 Last Mile Circuits in South Africa 🇿🇦

🌉Embracing Change: The Demise of Layer 2 Last Mile Circuits in South Africa 🇿🇦

🌐🚀 Say farewell to old networking problems: South African firms abandon layer 2 last mile circuits🌟💻


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In the realm of networking technologies, the landscape is continually evolving, and the shift from traditional layer 2 last mile circuits to more dynamic layer 3 or broadband circuits is a testament to this transformation. In South Africa, businesses are witnessing a significant shift away from layer 2 circuits due to the emergence of more cost-effective and functionally robust alternatives.

The Shift from Layer 2 to Layer 3/Broadband Circuits

1. Affordability of Broadband Circuits: One of the primary reasons for the demise of layer 2 circuits is the substantial cost difference. Broadband circuits, such as those offered by Dark Fibre Africa, now deliver double the bandwidth at a fraction of the cost compared to dedicated layer 2 circuits. The inclusion of SD-WAN services in broadband packages further amplifies their cost-effectiveness.

2. Enhanced Functionality and Troubleshooting Ease: Layer 3 circuits offer superior functionality and ease of troubleshooting compared to their layer 2 counterparts. Troubleshooting layer 2 circuits often results in minimal diagnostic information, whereas layer 3 provides more comprehensive insights.

Tangible Benefits for Businesses

1. Cost Savings and Improved Efficiency: Businesses are experiencing significant cost reductions by transitioning from layer 2 to broadband or layer 3 circuits. For instance, some businesses have managed to deploy 80 layer 3 circuits for the same cost that was incurred for just 2 layer 2 circuits. Others have redirected the savings into high-value investments, such as acquiring new transportation rigs in the logistics industry.

2. Transitioning: A Logical Choice: Moving from layer 2 to broadband circuits is becoming an obvious choice for businesses. Fusion's SD-WAN emerges as a clear solution, not only for its affordability but also for its premium diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities. The advanced analytics of Fusion's SD-WAN identify issues that traditional networking equipment fails to detect, providing a critical edge in maintaining a resilient network.

Wrap: Embrace the Change

The shift from layer 2 last mile circuits to layer 3 or broadband solutions is a significant step forward for South African businesses. It not only drives cost efficiencies but also enhances functionality and troubleshooting ease. Fusion's SD-WAN stands as a robust choice, offering not just affordability but also cutting-edge network analytics. It's time to bid farewell to the layer 2 last mile millstone and embrace the future of networking in South Africa.

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