🔋Boost Support & Lower Expenses with SD-WAN🔦

🔋Boost Support & Lower Expenses with SD-WAN🔦

Fusion Broadband SD-WAN helps reduce support task time quickly.


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The support required as well as the associated charges for a legacy network deployment are significant. SD-WAN keep ISPs honest as they provide a new single plane of glass that verifies the connectivity as well as other metrics.

Due to the automation and cloud native management approach of the solution support requirements for the WAN are dramatically lowered. Often in a race to the bottom to reduce costs most ISPs take the low road and skimp on resources for support. The SD-WAN solution from Fusion Broadband South Africa this gap can be closed as the solution has the highest number of links to support resource ration in the industry!

The nature of the service provides visibility to the network for troubleshooting and causation of problems. This includes traffic visualization.

The problem types identified and correct are:

  • Identifying packet loss on the last mile

  • Identifying latency issues on the last mile

  • Determining congestion on the last mile and identifying the traffic types causing congestion

  • Determine path and mtu problems

  • Determine outage and SLA breaches

  • Identify name resolution problems

  • Determine peering exchange problems

  • Identify long distance problems

  • Capture packets to analyze problems

The Fusion Broadband SD-WAN solution reduces the time to execute support tasks significantly.

Ronald Bartels provides solutions to networking and last mile reliability problems. The solution from Fusion Broadband allows a business to stay 100% connected, avoid downtime and keep working. The Fusion Broadband solution has been installed in many vertical industries including state owned and private entities.In addition to the IBM Beacon Award 2020 for Infrastructure Services, the solution is a mature software platform that has over 2000 installed instances of multiple site private wide area networking deployments.