☠️Beware of Fake SD-WAN Solutions in South Africa: The Real Deal vs. The Imposters 🇿🇦

☠️Beware of Fake SD-WAN Solutions in South Africa: The Real Deal vs. The Imposters 🇿🇦

How to Identify and Avoid Fake SD-WANs in South Africa


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In the dynamic world of South African telecommunications, SD-WAN has become a buzzword promising enhanced connectivity, seamless integration, and robust performance. However, not all that glitters is gold. There’s a wave of fake SD-WAN solutions making rounds, misleading customers with subpar performance and questionable reliability. Let’s dive into what makes a genuine SD-WAN solution like Fusion superior, and why the fake ones fall short.

There is a market for the entry level connectivity where a solution such as a Mikrotik is deployed but to say it can do match the functional attributes of SD-WAN systems on the market especially in the enterprise space is a step too far.

The Fake SD-WAN: A Closer Look

Some ISPs in South Africa are marketing what they call “SD-WAN” solutions, but these setups are far from the real deal. Here’s what’s actually happening:

Multiple Layer 2 Point-to-Point Links Serviced with PPPoE Connections

These fake SD-WAN solutions use multiple Layer 2 point-to-point links serviced with PPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet) connections. While this might sound technical and impressive, the reality is quite different.

What is PPPoE?

PPPoE is a network protocol that encapsulates PPP frames inside Ethernet frames. It’s commonly used for establishing direct connections between network clients and internet service providers (ISPs).

In This Context:

  • Timeouts: PPPoE has a timeout of 10 seconds, which is a glaring disadvantage compared to the 150ms timeout of a genuine SD-WAN solution like Fusion. This results in significant delays and potential disruptions in connectivity.

  • Quality of Service (QoS): Unlike true SD-WAN solutions, PPPoE sessions lack QoS capabilities. This means voice and other real-time services suffer from poor quality, leading to inferior user experiences.

  • Static IPs and Connectivity Drops: Static IPs in these setups are established using framed IP addresses that need to be reestablished with each session. Consequently, there are significant connectivity drops during outages, which is unacceptable for businesses relying on constant connectivity.

  • No Mechanism to Prevent Flapping: Without advanced algorithms to suppress bad links, these fake solutions fail to prevent link flapping. In contrast, Fusion’s SD-WAN uses sophisticated algorithms to ensure connection stability, automatically adjusting to maintain optimal performance.

The Genuine SD-WAN: Fusion Broadband

Seamless Integration and Performance

Fusion Broadband’s SD-WAN solutions are engineered for reliability and high performance:

  • Advanced Algorithms: Fusion’s SD-WAN utilizes advanced algorithms to manage and optimize connections, ensuring stable and seamless connectivity even in the face of link degradation.

  • QoS and Stability: With built-in QoS capabilities, Fusion ensures superior voice quality and real-time service performance. The robust infrastructure and low timeout rates (150ms) guarantee minimal disruptions.

  • Dynamic IP Management: Fusion’s approach to static IP management ensures that IPs remain stable and persistent across sessions, minimizing connectivity drops and ensuring consistent performance.

Why the Fake SD-WAN is a Stretch of Imagination

Calling the PPPoE-based setup on a MikroTik router an SD-WAN is a stretch of the imagination. True SD-WAN solutions, like those provided by Fusion, offer comprehensive features that these imposters simply can’t match. Genuine SD-WAN is about intelligent, dynamic, and resilient network management – not just linking points and hoping for the best.


SD-WAN comes in all shapes and sizes, but it’s essential to distinguish between genuine solutions and imposters. Fusion Broadband South Africa offers true SD-WAN solutions that deliver on the promise of enhanced connectivity, stability, and performance. Don’t be fooled by fake SD-WAN setups – demand the real deal and experience the difference.

For more information on how Fusion’s genuine SD-WAN solutions can transform your network, contact us today.

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