🚫0% Internet downtime at the Saints Sports Festival - what that would mean for your business🏅

🚫0% Internet downtime at the Saints Sports Festival - what that would mean for your business🏅

🎉Imagine a world with zero downtime—where connectivity is as reliable as the sunrise 😎


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Fusion Broadband South Africain collaboration with Cammington.com provided connectivity to the hockey portion of the St Stithians College, South Africa's Saints Sports Festival 2024. The connectivity remained up at the hockey while other connectivity, such as that for the Rugby failed when it was most required.

Fusion and Cammington at the Astroturf

The connectivity was installed within a few hours at the containers and hockey festival control point next to the AstroTurf fields. The connectivity at the Rugby which failed was based on LTE from Vodacom and MTN. Connectivity via mobile networks is a common failure at sports events as well as at business premises.

Enjoying the video streaming services in the VIP tents

The connectivity provided was a combination of fixed wireless access based on microwave and 5G technology. Fusion provided a SD-WAN edge device, the Edge 800+, that was more than capable of handling the requirement. The Edge connects the site to Fusion's hub and spoke solution which consists of multiple aggregators hosted at Teraco – A Digital Realty Company and NAPAfrica Internet eXchange. The configuration consisted of 4 VLANs and various hotspots and services. This including multiple TV screens supplied by Samsung South Africa in VIP tents streaming footage from various school and international sports events around the country and internationally. A open source firewall was provisioned on the SD-WAN edge device that provided content scrubbing to block security risks as well as adult content. Additionally, dis-aggregated open source access points were installed to provided WiFi connectivity via the hotspots. These Linux based devices operated like a train without hiccups and excellent coverage!

The solution delivered in the region of 300GB daily with 0% downtime. This was achieved due to Fusion's unique ability to utilize multiple last mile connections seamlessly. Over 760 devices connected at peak with fairness enforced across the location which meant there was never any noticeable glitch on the services being streamed via the TVs.

This was a pressure cooker environment and the combination of Cammington and Fusion performed flawlessly. This solution is immediately available for your business to implement. Say goodbye to glitches, downtime and performance problems by contacting Fusion or Cammington to install a similar solution on your business premise.

A festival attendee impressed with the 0% Internet downtime

The installation and management of the SD-WAN solution is not a complex or resource intensive task. Provisioning is done within a couple of minutes and hundreds of site can be easily managed via a portal using a device as simple as a Pi400!

Managing the MyBroadband location

The connectivity was fully Illuminated using the Fusion SD-WAN software!

Geolocation information

Titktok the most used app

Streaming services used by Samsung TVs off Akamei

VPNs in widespread use!

Decommissioning after the sports festival

Ronald Bartels ensures that Internet inhabiting things are connected reliably online at Fusion Broadband South Africa - the leading specialized SD-WAN provider in South Africa. 👉 Contact Fusion