🚢Navigating the Network Roads on the SD-WAN Bus🚌

🚢Navigating the Network Roads on the SD-WAN Bus🚌

Fusion's SD-WAN Last Mile solution is able to deal with accidents & potholes due to its unique architecture. Other solution end up at the panel beater


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In today's digital landscape, the world of SD-WAN can be likened to a network highway, where businesses have the power to steer their data traffic down multiple paths—much like choosing different roads when driving a car. While the concept of SD-WAN is not new, it's essential to understand the unique advantages it offers, particularly in comparison to traditional networking solutions. In this article, we'll explore how SD-WAN is akin to driving a car on a dynamic road network and shed light on the distinctive benefits of Fusion Broadband South Africa's SD-WAN solution.

Choosing the Right Path: Imagine you're on a road trip, and you have the freedom to choose your route based on real-time conditions. You consult Google Maps, which provides insights into road conditions, traffic congestion, and estimated travel times. SD-WAN operates similarly by allowing you to determine the network path based on availability and performance. It's about making informed decisions, optimizing your journey, and ensuring your data reaches its destination efficiently.

The Common SD-WAN Scenario: Most SD-WAN solutions offer this capability, enabling you to switch to an alternative path when the primary route encounters an obstacle or experiences congestion. It's like having a second car on standby for emergencies—a reliable backup. However, Fusion Broadband South Africa's SD-WAN takes this analogy to the next level.

Driving the Same Car on a Different Route: With many SD-WAN solutions, when you switch to an alternative path, it's like using a new car. It works, but it's not seamless. Fusion Broadband South Africa's approach is different. You stay in the same "car" (your existing network setup), even when you take an alternative route. This difference between a packet-based solution using a hub-and-spoke architecture and a session-based solution using a mesh is significant. It means that when the primary path experiences a hard-down outage (often referred to as a blackout), you don't need to change your vehicle—you stay in control.

Navigating Potholes and Microbursts: On any road trip, you encounter unexpected challenges, like potholes that can disrupt your journey. In networking terms, these challenges are akin to microburst errors—brief spikes of network congestion that can negatively impact performance. Many legacy networking kits and SD-WAN solutions struggle to handle these microbursts, leading to brownouts—periods of degraded network performance. Fusion Broadband South Africa, on the other hand, smoothly navigates these hurdles. It effectively leverages and utilizes the multiple available paths without letting the proverbial pothole crash the car, ensuring a consistently smooth ride.

Wrap: Just as you rely on Google Maps to make informed decisions when driving, businesses can trust SD-WAN to optimize their network journeys. Fusion Broadband South Africa's SD-WAN solution offers the unique advantage of staying in the same "car" during route changes, avoiding the need for a complete transition when the primary path encounters issues. Additionally, it gracefully handles microburst errors, ensuring uninterrupted network performance. When navigating the digital highway, Fusion Broadband South Africa's SD-WAN keeps your network journey on track.

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