🤺 Cybersecurity Resources 💂‍♂️

A list of useful Cybersecurity resources.


  • Cybersecurity Basics

  • Information Security Clauses for Business Contracts & Agreements

  • Information Security: Identity and Access Management Standard


  • Data Centre Security Checklist

  • Vendor Security Checklist

  • Network Security Checklist

Risk Management

  • 📊Information Technology: RIRA - Rapid IT Risk Assessment - a Dimensional Approach☢️

Mechanism for Information Technology (IT) risk to be measured including the extent to which the IT landscape is exposed based on the exploitation of vulnerabilities by a potential threat

  • 👨‍💻Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Boilerplate for Information Technology (IT) Service Management including Data Centres🚂

Most IT environments do not necessarily utilize SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) but in reality it is a crucial documentation that is a prerequisite


  • SOC Failures & Fixes

Edge protection

  • DNS Blocklists

Hagezi DNS-Blocklists: For a better internet - keep the internet clean!

👉 ahadns.com/

End points


  • Finding Malware with Sysinternals Process Explorer

  • Malware Analysis with Wireshark


  • Cy-Xplorer 2024

When bits turn to blackmail: navigating the ecosystem of cyber extortion and ransomware

👉 https://www.orangecyberdefense.com/fileadmin/general/pdf/Cy-Xplorer-2024.pdf

Threat Intelligence

  • Udger

Udger database includes detailed information about every single user agent and operating system

  • Research blocks

👉 https://gitlab.com/ohisee/block-shodan-stretchoid-census

👉 https://www.neblink.net/blocklist/KnownScanners.txt

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